Competency Management

Worried about keeping up to date with your Safety Critical assessments?
Let Renown Training take care of all your Safety Critical assessments and ensure they are carried out to the highest level and on time in order to maintain your staff's Safety Critical Competencies.

Assessment Services

COSS - Controller Of Site Safety
IWA - Individual Working Alone
PC - Protection Controller
ES - Engineering Supervisor
CC - Crane Controller
MC - Machine Controller

News Bulletin

Renown Training: An Outstanding Network Rail Training Provider!

NSARE report of our network training courses

After an inspection from NSARE, Renown Training has received an ‘Outstanding’ grade for the overall effectiveness and progress of our company – up from ‘Good’ before.

As the second inspection from NSARE took place less than a year after the first, it shows just how busy the Renown Group has been in expanding and improving our services across the railway sector. With a fully functional railway welding sector that supplies highly skilled workers to Network Rail and the railway industry to undertake rail maintenance and repair work and a dedicated training sector to increase the skill set of railway workers, we are widely recognised in the railway industry and are continuing to promote working relationships with others to respond to industry requirements.

High Pass Rates for Network Rail Training Learners!

Our continued progress and improvement isn’t just limited to Renown either; our network rail training courses are better than ever and have resulted in improved outcomes for learners in addition to greater provision of the courses themselves. With an incredibly high pass rate it’s no surprise that we have been awarded an Outstanding grade in Learner Outcomes too! We’ll be announcing some brand new network rail training courses soon, so keep watching this space!

With current expansions to the rail network underway there is a high demand for skilled railway workers – so there’s never been a better time to get qualified with a network rail training course and enhance your career prospects. Now is a very good time to be working on the rails!

Outstanding Service and Provisions

Overall we have received an Outstanding grade for the Renown Group, including Renown Training which is one of our most important and rapidly growing areas.

Posted at 8:35 am on February 12, 2014